Ukrcemremont Plus LLC offers a wide range of services:

Manufacture and repair of cement and raw mills of all sizes

Replacement and repair of: mill housing, interchamber partitions, original grating; armoring, repair of incoming and outgoing folders, replacement of mill casing trunnions, drilling holes in casing and flanges. Replacement of bolts for fastening armor plates; repair of the mill drive. Repair of lubrication and cooling systems and dispensers.

Installation and repair of clinker cooler

We perform repair work on ring coolers of iron ore pellets. We carry out installation and repair of clinker refrigerators of the specified types:

  • “KS”
  • “Volga”
  • “Kawasaki”
  • “FLSmidth”

Repair and replacement of casings of heat exchangers

Replacement and repair: crown and sub-crown gears, support rollers, control rollers, furnace drive, shells and shell blocks, sealing of loading and unloading parts of furnaces, chain zone, recuperators, metal castings for loading and unloading, heat exchangers. Repackaging of bandages, welding of cracks in the furnace case, welding of bandages.

  • rotary kilns
  • drying drums
  • refrigeration drums

Welding of bandages

Machining of details (turning, milling)

Plasma cutting of sheet metal (up to 40 mm thick)

Bending of rolled metal (up to 2 m wide, up to 10 mm thick)

Inspection and starting-up and adjustment works

Heat treatment of various parts (200х200х400 mm)

Replacement of the flue gas duct

Replacement of reducer couplings

Installation of platforms and radial fans

Replacement of parts of the rotary kiln:

Cutting and disassembly of the bandage

Cutting and dismantling of the furnace body

Installation of the bandage and parts of the furnace